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Kali puja programme

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Kali Puja Programme

Goddess Kali’s name is derived from a Sanskrit word Kal which means the time that is why she is seen as eternal. However, her appearance is aggressive and is fearsome but for devotees, she is a loving and caring mother who is always there to protect her child.

Goddess Kali fights for integrity and destroys all the devils. She has prevalently called as Shyama, Kalika, Kaal Nashini, Chamunda, Bhadra Kali, Shyama Kali, Adya Maa, Tara Maa and many more.Kali is worshipped in Navaratri’s and has a significant worship day i.e. on Diwali Kali Puja, Shyama Puja or Tantrik Kali Puja which falls on Diwali days of Kartik month on October or November as per Hindu calendar (Panchaang). This is the famous festival of north-eastern states especially West Bengal.

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